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Fishing equipment is included when you book a dorado fishing trip with us. If you are a fly fishing angler - please bring your own fly rod.

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Fishing Guides

Fishing guides - Los Gauchos is proud to have the best. We don't just think they are the best, they win fishing tournaments year after year. They will give advice or listen and watch as you catch dorado.

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Fishing La Zona

Fishing La Zona is the perfect place to catch the trophy sized golden dorado fish. Uruguay fishing in La Zona means catching the BIG fish.

Golden Dorado Fishing

Want a fresh water fishing trip for some active, exciting fishing in Uruguay? Dorado fishing in Uruguay is one of the best freshwater fishing adventures and with the option to combine with wingshooting in Uruguay this becomes a great hunting trip to Uruguay. And all with Los Gauchos Outfitters. Enough said.

If you are looking for some of the most consistent freshwater dorado fishing in the world, you need not look any further. Uruguay Golden Dorado fishing in La Zona is as good as it gets, and Los Gauchos Outfitters is proud to have this fishing adventure as one of our most popular fishing trips. Golden dorado are big, mean, and nasty. Know for their aggressive behavior, these fish are famous for destroying light tackle, and their hard-hitting takes have made Golden Dorado fishing trips famous.

Golden dorado weighing upwards of fifty pounds.

What is a Dorado Freshwater Fish?

Uruguay fishing trips may not include a long list of fish, but the freshwater Dorado does deserve some credit. This fish is an active really neat fish to experience while in Uruguay. The Uruguay dorado fishing takes place in Salto, Uruguay in freshwater sources that are home to these fish that will keep you on your toes and heart pounding. The dorado fight, they bite and they jump.

The fishing season is good anytime and the surroundings, Uruguay, is such a great country to visit and experience.

Now, Los Gauchos is known for its hunting trips in Argentina and Uruguay, so of course we can combine the Uruguay dorado fishing with the Uruguay dove hunting. Los Gauchos Cast and Blast including dorado fishing and high volume doves. Again, no limits, no season and great accommodations to enjoy the fishing and dove hunting.

Dorado Fishing Trips - Dorado Fishing Tips

Uruguay Golden Dorado fishing has become notorious among serious international anglers. The overall experience is one that ranks high in our clients' memories as one of the most unforgettable fishing trips out there. The waters are calm, and the fishing is easy.

One can expect to hook up on fifteen to thirty freshwater dorado per day?a respectable number for any fishing trip. Mid-day lunches on the boat, or in nearby river banks offer a short opportunity to rest before hitting the afternoon bite. Uruguay Golden dorado fishing is a must-do trip for the accomplished international angler.

Best of all, our Golden Dorado fishing trips can be combined with any of our numerous wingshooting programs?dove hunting, duck hunting, pigeon hunting, and Perdiz. The accommodations are close to the waters, and close to the shooting areas. Most days call for a half day of fishing, and a half day of wingshooting. It will only take one try for you to be hooked on freshwater dorado fishing, its fast and furious, just like the wingshooting in Uruguay.

Los Gauchos Outfitters utilizes the best launch and lodging areas on the Uruguay River for golden dorado fishing: Salto. The city of Salto is located 4 hours north of Montevideo and this Dorado fishing area offers elegant accommodations, and most importantly, great access to the best freshwater golden Dorado fishing in Uruguay. We say Uruguay, because this small friendly nation of only three million people is the preferred side of the river to host our guests.

For technical purposes, one could say that we are Dorado fishing in Argentina and Uruguay?because you will cast your lure or fly right to the edge of the shorelines of both countries, while fishing the Uruguay River (the river that forms the border between the two countries in this area.

While water levels of the river and the clarity of the water determine where we will be fishing at any given time, and what type of Dorado fishing tackle and tactics we will be using, both locations offer incredible freshwater Dorado fishing, and unforgettable views of both Argentina and Uruguay.

Golden dorado fishing in Uruguay tells a story: faces, places, and abandoned ships?are just a few things you will find besides dorados weighing up to 50 lbs! While dorado fishing, you will pass small rowboats, manned by the young men who do work in the port areas, small migrant fishing families who live off of the land in small lean-to huts located on the beautiful sandy beaches that line the Uruguay River, and ghost ships of all sizes that have been beached on the riverbanks for who knows how long?ships and boats that are probably over a century old.

Dorado fishing in Argentina and Uruguay is a special trip that is unique to South America, and there is simply no harder fighting fish (pound for pound) in this part of the world. Like with any fish, hooking up is one thing, and landing the fish is another, and the Dorado is no exception?rather even more challenging that normal because of the aerial display that these fish put on once the fight begins.

Experienced anglers know to lower their rod tips, and keep the line tight when the dorados go vertical during the melee, because not doing so can result in a lost Dorado.

During the fight the dorado will attempt to use its sharp teeth to sever the line - but the steel leaders take care of that during the fight the dorado will attempt to dive as far to the bottom as it did in the air, attempting to wrap the line up around rocks on the bottom that will cause it to snap above the leader - and no one can do anything about that - making this kind of South American fishing even more exciting.

For those who want to catch a very large Dorado (one over 25 lbs.) we recommend that you plan your dorado fishing trips to Argentina and Uruguay with us during the winter (summertime in North America) because this is the time when the big Dorados are making their way upriver in great numbers during the spawn. It is very common to catch dorado over 25lbs.?and up to 50 lbs.?during this time.

Argentina dorado fishing, and Uruguay dorado fishing can yield excellent results, but it is important for those who are determined to catch a very large trophy to plan on at least four days of fishing to stack the deck in favor of success as much as possible.

It should be noted that even though the biggest dorado are caught between September to April, great dorado fishing is available year round, where you will catch plenty of fish from 3-25 pounds, and 3 lbs is considered small. A good average would be 5-8 pounds.

Dorado Cast and Blast: since the dorado fishing season in Argentina and Uruguay is open year round, you can combine a few days of fishing with your favorite type of Argentina wingshooting, and/or Uruguay wingshooting.

Los Gauchos fishing and wingshooting programs offer you maximum flexibility to choose what you want to do when you want to do it. So give us a call today and let us plan your next Dorado fishing trip to South America.

Effective immediately, we are kicking off our new Cast & Blast packages, with Golden Dorado fishing, a unique experience only available in South America. The blast is the dove hunting in Uruguay. High volumes and as fast as you can reload your shotgun. Dove hunting in Uruguay (or Argentina) is a hunt that most wing-shooters desire. No limits - no season - and high volume doves.

So enjoy the combination of the dorado fishing with the dove hunting in Uruguay. Los Gauchos will give you the details or you can review them on the reference page for the Cast and Blast Uruguay Trip.

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Experienced - Capable of Hosting Dorado Fishing Trips

And no one is more capable, or more experienced in hosting you and yours for Golden Dorado than Los Gauchos. Check out the Los Gauchos fishing destinations

Golden Dorado Fishing can be included in a 4 day stand-alone Dorado fishing package, OR added to a 3.5 day high-volume dove shoot. Superb decoyed pigeon shooting can also be added to this package--try them, and you will be hooked! No waders, no early rising, or cold weather...but lots of fast-decoying action! Dorado is just one type of fish, enjoy the size and adventure of the Patagonia for Argentina trout fishing.

3.5 days of high-volume doves and 2 days of DORADO FISHING

Would you like to shoot 60-plus boxes of shells one day, and hook up 3 to 5 times on the incredibly hard fighting Golden Dorado the next? The fish in our area of the Uruguay River average 8 pounds, and grow to an incredible 25 pounds! Only two fishermen per boat. There is no better time than now...

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