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Argentina Dove Hunting - Los Gauchos

Argentina Hunting

Anytime is prime time for Argentina dove hunting - but nothing beats the cool weather, the unlimited number of doves, and the wonderful wine and food served at our Argentina dove hunting lodges. High volume shooting needs, Cordoba dove hunting offers all year.

  • Argentina Dove Hunting

  • Argentina Duck Hunting

  • Argentina Perdiz Hunting

  • Argentina Pigeon Hunting

Uruguay Duck Hunting

Uruguay Hunting

Setting the standard for all day- full on Duck Hunting in South America in the Majestic Rice Fields of Uruguay.
Los Gauchos offers Uruguay Duck Hunting out of during the long duck hunting season beginning May 1st and ending September 15th.

  • Uruguay Dove Hunting

  • Uruguay Duck Hunting

  • Uruguay Perdiz Hunting

  • Uruguay Pigeon Hunting

Peru Hunting - Los Gauchos Outfitters

Peru Hunting

Los Gauchos Outfitters is now offering exciting duck hunts in Peru. Our Peruvian shooting trips are going to offer the entire spectrum of bird hunting.Andean Goose hunting is a trophy bird hunt that takes place in the awesome Andes mountains.

  • Peru Dove Hunting

  • Peru Duck Hunting

  • Peru Goose Hunting

  • Peru Pheasant Hunting

Duck Hunting

1 Duck Hunting Season A favorite - book now for Uruguay Duck Hunting.

  • Argentina

  • Uruguay

  • Peru
Duck Hunting Season.

Los Gauchos offers updated hunting lodges, more availability and lower prices for our favorite Uruguay Duck Hunting Packages.

Contact Los Gauchos Outfitters today and don't let another Uruguay duck hunting season (or any South American Duck Hunting season) go by without seeing what the fuss is about.

Dove Hunting

2 Argentina dove hunting is a huge industry - millions of doves and a lot of beautiful hunting lodges offering dove hunting packages year round.

Go with who you know and can get to know, Los Gauchos Outfitters.

Cordoba dove hunting
- lots of lodge options and year round season, so Los Gauchos will plan around YOUR schedule.

The doves are flying and the staff and guides in Cordoba are waiting.

Contact Los Gauchos today about the new Cordoba dove hunting trips.

Perdiz Hunting

3 Due to our location in the Southern Hemisphere, our Perdiz hunting season begins in May and extends through August - summer heat back in the USA!

Uruguay Perdiz hunting can be enjoyed with dove hunting and/or duck hunting at all of our Uruguay hunting lodges.

Well trained Upland bird dogs complete the Perdiz hunting in Uruguay and Argentina.

Book your dove or duck hunt and throw in an afternoon of Perdiz hunting. Contact Los Gauchos Outfitters.

Pigeon Hunting

4 Benelli has been featured on a Los Gauchos dove hunt and decoyed pigeon hunt in Uruguay on Benelli's American Safari series.

Benelli's product manager Jason Evans and Pheasants Forever Vice President Joe Duggan field test the Benelli Ultra Light with Los Gauchos in Uruguay.

The result: 2,500 rounds each day at the endless flights of doves, and 6 to 8 boxes per shooter on decoying pigeons.

Our top of the line pigeon lodge in Uruguay is by the Punta del Este beach - short season so call to get your space reserved for pigeons.

Uruguay AND Argentina duck hunting is a main focus for Los Gauchos Outfitters. Off the beaten path, Uruguay is quickly becoming the favorite for waterfowlers. No hunting pressure, eastern side of the country full of marshes and ducks, and easy transfer to the duck blind from the arrival city Montevideo - these are just a few of the many reasons Uruguay stands out for excellent duck hunting.

Uruguay has stood as the favorite for duck hunting. Enjoy duck shooting all day with Los Gauchos Outfitters. Want to enjoy a combo dove and Perdiz hunt? Uruguay offers this hunting trip from May to August. High volume dove hunting combined with some of the best Upland hunting (Perdiz) in the world.

We offer classic, high volume, luxury dove hunting in Argentina. Cordoba is the place, you've read about it, now come experience dove hunting like no other in Cordoba, Argentina.

We hope our web site answers the frequently asked questions about booking a hunting trip to Uruguay, Argentina, and now Peru. The South American Hunting lodges can now be seen with our Quick-Links system - see the bedrooms, catch some pictures of the hunting, and know Los Gauchos means quality from the time you contact our office to the trip home from dove, duck, goose, pigeon, or Perdiz hunting and of course the up and coming favorite - dorado fishing in Uruguay.

Our staff is located in the US ready to answer your questions, get a hunting trip planned, and you ready for Uruguay or Argentina bird hunting and now Peru bird hunting. Book your hunting trip or ask questions about the Uruguay bird hunting - Argentina bird hunting - or hunting in Peru.

Since 2001, Los Gauchos has been the gold standard in pound for pound value in the South American wingshooting market. With a variety of bird hunting and options at various lodges - your group can't go wrong in Argentina, Uruguay or Peru. Take a look at each lodge or contact Los Gauchos to get more information and reserve your hunting days.

Just click on the hunting or fishing trip that you are interested in - take a look at the hunting lodges - learn about the hunting and game birds.

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Be Ready to Hunt or Fish in Argentina - Uruguay - Peru

Uruguay Duck Hunting
Argentina Dove Hunting
Uruguay Dove Hunting
Argentina Duck Hunting

Argentina duck hunting is classic and for the bird hunter who enjoys the expansive country of Argentina will enjoy the duck hunting here. Ducks share the country wtih doves, Perdiz, and pigeons so a true mixed bag can be experienced with an Argentina duck hunt. Read more about Argentina duck hunting -

Uruguay Pigeon Hunting
Uruguay Dorado Fishing
Peru Bird Hunting

Dove Hunting Uruguay

Uruguay dove hunting does not cost much, considering what it includes:

  • Brand new Benelli 20ga. semi-autos

  • Groups up to 10

  • Add dorado fishing OR Upland hunting

  • Unlimited Shooting - No Bag Limits
Uruguay dove hunting - any time is a good time for the doves and the shooting in Uruguay. If Someone Told You That You Could Check Out Of Your Hotel In Buenos Aires And Be Shooting "Cordoba - Like" Volume On Doves

Just One Hour Away, Would You Believe It?
BELIEVE IT! It's Not Cordoba...It's COLONIA

How good is the dove hunting in Uruguay? Just Ask Beretta's exhibition shooter Scott Robertson...since he was just there:

A moment did not go by that I did not have a dove in range.
My shooting was limited only by how fast I could reload my gun--and I'm not exactly slow....

The fields were close, the accommodations were amazing, and Los Gauchos delivers big on this shoot--it is their new Flagship destination-and I can personally say for good reason"

- Scott Robertson - Texas

Duck Hunting Uruguay

Uruguay duck hunting season books up quick - season runs from MAY 1st to SEPTEMBER and this goes for Argentina duck hunting too.

Combine your duck hunting with Upland hunting or dove hunting and experience some of the best bird hunting in South America. Check out the hunting lodges and the duck hunting trips. Uruguay seems to be THE country for waterfowl hunting.

Learn how you benefit when booking your next duck hunting trip with Los Gauchos Outfitters.

You can choose from 7 great bird hunting and fishing destinations in South America, including a Uruguay duck hunting vacation or an Argentina dove hunting vacation.

See our famous duck hunting photos. You can enjoy all day duck hunting in Uruguay or all day dove hunting in Argentina. Duck hunting in Uruguay, South America's preferred duck hunting destination.

The duck hunting with Los Gauchos is superb"

- Brendan Hansen (Gold Medalist and world record holder-men's swimming) and Eddie Reese (head coach U.S. Men's Olympic swimming team)

Los Gauchos provided the best bird hunting I have ever experienced anywhere--ever. If duck hunting is your thing; this is your trip, and Uruguay is the place."

- Marcus Luttrell

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